Save The Lady And The Birds

Your help is needed to restore the much loved fountain at the Gardiner Common

Gardiner Rotary Club is partnering with Gardiner Main Street to offer online donations to support the restoration of Lady and the Birds fountain at the Gardiner Common. This commemorative public art is named for Gideon S. Palmer, Civil War regimental surgeon and later, Director of Freedmen’s Hospital.

Our fountain is more than 100 years old and needs extensive repairs to the concrete, the plumbing, and the electrical.

Every donation helps to reach the fundraising goal of $200,000!

To donate by cash or check made payable to The City of Gardiner:


Gardiner City Hall, 6 Church Street


Gardiner Rotary Club
PO Box 365
Gardiner, ME 04345

To ensure 100% of your donation supports the fundraiser, please consider covering the transaction processing fees.

Gardiner Main Street is supporting the online donation efforts for Gardiner Rotary’s fundraiser to repair and restore the Lady and the Birds fountain at the Gardiner Common. The net (after processing fees) from online donations will be collected and given to the City of Gardiner for fountain restoration.

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