Gardiner Federal Credit Union #ThinkGardinerFirst

“Let’s face it- Most financial institutions offer the same products and services and there seems to be a bank or credit union on every corner. Part of my job is showing people why they should choose Gardiner FCU. For us, the difference is a personal connection with each one of our 5,400+ members. We are member owned so we can offer lower interest rates and fees because there are no executives at the top making money off your patronage. Our tellers, loan officers, and member service representatives know most of our members’ names, the second they walk through our doors. It’s the kind of personal connection you probably won’t get at a larger institution.

We form a kind of partnership with our members & work to see them achieve their goals – whether that is buying their first home or sending their kids to college. I’ve worked here almost seven years now, but had financed my home & autos here, long before coming to work here. If I didn’t believe in the services provided here, I wouldn’t have taken a job promoting all we have to offer. 

As a one-location credit union, we are a really tight-knit group with a wonderful member base and so much community involvement. I wanted to be where I felt I could make an impact and this was absolutely the right fit.

The community service and education we take part in is really something we’re proud of. All the credit unions in Maine are dedicated to ending hunger, raising funds year-round. We also support Special Olympics, the Humane Society, Johnson Hall and so many other local projects and schools. In my role, I get to do youth financial education as well. I love the feeling of getting through to students, especially since I’m working with kids as young as Kindergarten. For older students and adults we have partnered with an app called Zogo that offers rewards for taking mini-lessons in financial literacy. Anyone can join, not just youth, and earn points towards gift cards. All the information is on our website (” 

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