Paloma and Sabrina El Costell have been painting together their entire lives, which is only natural as they come from a family of acclaimed artists stretching back generations. Born in New York and growing up in Montclair, New Jersey, they each came to Maine by different paths — but now, living within minutes of one another and as happy collaborating today as they were decades ago, they are embarking on their most ambitious project yet: their very own art gallery. Nestled in a beautifully renovated row of glass-fronted brick buildings, the gallery is a working studio as well as a place to celebrate the two women’s unique visions.

Location: 225 Water Street

Phone: (207) 530-6285



A lifelong painter and multimedia artist, El’s  cerebral, gorgeously executed pieces are a style she calls Abstract Realism — a perspective that challenges normal expectations of beauty and art. The result is art that invites engagement and, ideally, enlightenment: “I want people to come up with their own interpretations.”

A graphic designer and illustrator by trade, Paloma is a self-taught painter. She favors pastels, creating beautiful and evocative scenes ranging from the mills of Lewiston to rocky coastlines, working harbors, and rolling blueberry fields.

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