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Stone Broke Bread & Books is a micro-bakery focused on making naturally leavened breads that are simple, delicious, nutritionally dense, and highly digestible, with a strong focus on local, sustainably sourced and produced ingredients. After operating and serving the community from our Rock Bottom Homestead, we have moved to a commercial kitchen and retail space in Gardiner. With this move comes an expansion of our Bakery and bread subscription program, the addition of retail sales, and the establishment of a small press bookstore within the retail space. These three elements will allow us to deepen our connection with the community while staying dynamic, agile, and responsive to the needs and desires of our customers.

We also think that books are a great accompaniment to bread! This area lacks a diverse bookstore that fits the needs of the community - our goal is to provide space to focus on small publishing houses and events that match our community's values, bringing attention to diverse, alternative, and under-represented interests. We want to bring opportunities for different perspectives to the community we care about. Bread, books, and connections to people create spaces of care and we want to be a part of the change that increases these values. It will open the door to the many like-minded folks who want examples and resources for their own further goals. It also combines our love of art, philosophy, foraging, baking, ecology, writing, and community in a way that uplifts us all and brings us together.

Bread is available through Community Supported Bakery Shares

Built on the model of a CSA (community supported agriculture) plan, our CSB ("Community-Supported Bakery") retains the localized attention to food availability while strengthening direct customer to producer relationships. Generally, the CSA model requests early payment for promised goods as a way of balancing small business fluctuations; allowing the farmer, or the baker in this case, to minimize big shifts so that they can consistently offer healthy and reliable goods to their communities. This translates well to baked goods as we can help support sustainable (and local) agriculture and honor adaptive traditional practices. Learn more about our CSB by stopping into the store or online

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