Gardiner Main Street History & Milestones


It began a vision…

In January of 2003, the Gardiner Main Street ball officially started rolling with the formation of our Visioning Taskforce – 20 dedicated individuals who took on the job of envisioning what a revitalized downtown Gardiner might be.

At a day-long visioning session held at Maple Hill Farm, the process was facilitated by Craig Freshley, former Maine Downtown Center Coordinator, and resulted in 4 possible Vision Statements. Over the following 8 months, the vision was refined, and local artist Christine Sullivan of Sullivan Design was commissioned to transform it into an inspiring series of watercolor paintings — paid for by a grant from the Gardiner Board of Trade and the City of Gardiner.

Many thanks to the Visioning Taskforce for all their work in putting us on the road to revitalization:

Karen Adrienne
Neil Andersen
Lew Benner
Greg Chapman
Randy Clark
Bill Ebert (Chair)
Jack Fles
Mike Giberson
Connie Greenleaf
Brent Hall
Pat Hart
Logan Johnston

Brian Kent
Linda Matychowiak
Christie Mitchell
Dan Morabito
Dianne Morabito
Chris Paszyc
Angelia Purington
Pat Rideout
Jack Skehan
Christine Sullivan
Liesse Thibault