Paula’s Nails and Aesthetics #ThinkGardinerFirst

“I enjoy being able to help people feel good about themselves, whether that be through caring for their nails or skin. I feel like as time goes on people are taking better care of themselves and taking better care of their skin and nails. Back in the day soap and water was standard skincare and having a manicure meant red nail polish on long nails only! Now people are becoming more educated about what goes into their body and what goes on to their skin and nails. Educating my guests and maintaining the health of the skin and nails is what is most important. I have been a Licensed Nail Technician for over 27 years originally starting my career in Fort Myers Florida. I went back to school five years ago to obtain my Aesthetics license because I always wanted to do skincare and for the purpose of being able to offer aesthetics services on top of the nail services I was already doing.

I also have Lisa Martin working with me who has been a licensed Esthetician for over 20 years and offers Aesthetics services as well. 

Of course through Covid, business has had its ebbs and flows. During this pandemic I have had a lot of people reach out to me who may have previously gone to other spas or salons but are looking for a smaller, more intimate environment. We can offer them a very small space that is by appointment only and when people come in they feel comfortable and safe.

I’ve had a lot of my clientele for years and now I also have new guests who love my space as much as I do. I think that also speaks to the growth small towns like Gardiner have seen due to the pandemic and the opportunity for smaller providers like myself have been given. Because of everything, I’ve been trying to put myself out there more than I have in the past. I never really utilized social media like I am now and I’ve seen how much it can benefit a business. Word of mouth will always be my best advertisement, but embracing new ways to build relationships with our guests and community has been a blessing.

When the Domino’s building fire happened in 2018, my business was on the second floor. During that time, it gave me a true picture of what this town is about and reminded me why I have stayed in Gardiner for so many years. People rallied behind all of us that were affected and couldn’t have been more kind and supportive. I’m incredibly proud of being able to rebuild my business after the fire with the support of the community. It’s a place that keeps growing and since I’ve been here for so long I’ve been able to see all the changes for the better, particularly in the downtown. I’m really thankful.”

Paula’s Nails and Aesthetics is located at 2 Church Street in Gardiner (behind Domino’s). #ThinkGardinerFirst for your nail, waxing, and skincare needs. Call 207-620-4229 to make your appointment. Paula can also be reached by email (, on Facebook and Instagram (@paulasnailsandaesthetics).