Think Gardiner First

Now more than ever, small businesses need support from the local community to stay afloat during the hardships created by COVID-19. In an effort to engage citizens and local consumers during a time where we are more physically disconnected than ever, this storytelling campaign will help highlight some of the retail, dining, and service providers in Gardiner via a format that creates personal connection. 

Through this campaign, we hope to create a personal connection between community members and local businesses. A small business should be seen for more than its face value. Neighbors, family, and friends are behind the successes of Water Street storefronts. Highlighting their stories from a personal perspective bridges the gap between the individual and the people their hard work serves.  

Instead of turning to Amazon, Walmart, and other big box retailers, we hope to remind consumers of what is already available to them locally, as well as to spread an appreciation for the people who make it happen. In this way, it can also highlight the services provided within Gardiner City limits. Gardiner offers a plethora of professional services from accountants, lawyers, mechanics, and hair stylists. We want people to #ThinkGardinerFirst.

Jack Skehan & Associates #ThinkGardinerFirst

As an agency we’ve built these really special relationships with our clients where it becomes multigenerational. Jack has been here over 50 years, so as an agency we’ve had that time to be able to establish that kind of partnership with the community. 

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Jokers & Rogues #ThinkGardinerFirst

We looked at several different communities and kept coming back to Gardiner. We felt very strongly about that decision. The city officials and Gardiner Main Street were a big part of that decision to buy a building here and come out of retirement. We really picked the right place, too. It’s been a nice surprise how loyal our customers from our previous businesses are. They especially have been some of our biggest cheerleaders from waiting on us to open, to rooting us on now. 

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Ruby’s Place #ThinkGardinerFirst

“We’ve been here three months now and the turnout and excitement of people, the support from the community, all the encouraging words, it just has been so surprising. We have regulars that come from the bank, Main Street, and some other businesses. It’s been really nice to get to know people. We know their orders when they come in or call.”

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