Plan for downtown Gardiner’s future nears completion

Draft of Heart of Gardiner plan includes range of recommendations, including enhancing the entrances to downtown Gardiner and redesigning Arcade parking lot.


When Scott Klinger moved to Gardiner about a year ago, he found a lot to like.

“There’s a really amazing history to the town for lots of different reasons,” Klinger said. “The signage that’s gone up in recent years has been great, but I think there’s probably more that can be done.”

He said he hopes for something that makes Gardiner a desirable destination that draws more visitors, such as a museum or other attraction.

Klinger was one of more than a dozen people who gathered Thursday at the Gardiner Public Library for a presentation on the city’s proposed downtown master plan, which is nearing completion.

The Heart of Gardiner plan, which has been in the works for about a year, outlines a series of recommendations intended to strengthen downtown Gardiner’s sense of place, build economic vibrancy and help the city and its downtown develop environmental resilience.